Ready to tell your brand story with a new identity?

A brand isn't complete without a identity. Show your customers an image that is telling the story of your product.

I will help you creating the brand image your looking for.

Do you feel like you could present your business in a better way? Is there something missing by you telling your story to your clients?

As a creative I help you visualize a brand identity, with the focus on attracting more customers. Instead of the business side of a company, I'm looking at what your brand image looks like and how to improve that.

How can I help you?

I would love to hear your business focus. What is it that you would like to show to others? Why do you love what you do? I design all the creative needs for a business, but I will also help you create a corporate identity so your audience can recognize your brand through all the marketing tools. We will work on: creating a visual board for your brand, design a logo for different media and work this out in great looking stationary & realize advertising that focuses on your targeting audience.

When you would like me as your brand creative you will experience this: "I'm giving myself a gift, by creating a brand image I love". At the same time you feel you are moving forward with your business. Are you ready?

Your Branding Toolkit

If you interested in My Branding Company I could send you your personal branding toolkit. I like to work together on your branding and with this toolkit it will feel like you are part of the whole design process.


Why do you need a brand creative for your business?

In this article I tell you why you should hire a brand creative for your business. What does a brand creative do and will also tell you a bit about who I am as a creative...


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