Make the online marketing

jungle work for you!

Have your unique look & feel.

Be recognized.

Focus on your passion.

The power of proudly presenting your business

Imagine the power of proudly presenting your website(shop) and branding. Your visual image shows what your brand stands for.

Together we create a unique look and feel that shows who you are and what you do. With your branded branding and website you will be seen, understood & recognized by clients.

Without a unique look & feel your business is invisible.

  • You seem less relevant
  • Clients cannot find you.
  • Clients won’t remember you.
  • You miss out on the power of online marketing to make yourself known for your work.

See what some of my clients say...

" It was delightful to work with Vanja. She is a one-stop shop for all the creative needs of a business. She designed and developed my website. Her professionalism, patience and service were incredible. She really got me and what I was looking for. Her eye for pictures, design, themes and colors makes it all come together in an authentic, polished and cohesive way. THANK YOU, Vanja. "

Claudia Brandt

" Since a few years, I have a very nice and fruitful

cooperation with Vanja, she has been a great help designing my

website, flyers and adds. Besides she was, and is, always easy to contact for

assistance. I highly recommend her services, thanks a lot, Vanja!"

Anja Vreeburg