Create a unique look and feel,

be recognized by your customers & focus on your passion.

With branding for your brand, you identify your business.

By creating a unique branding you look authentic and will stand out.

Starting your new business is very exciting, but also a lot of work. How are you going to attract the right audience? Who is my audience? Choosing the right look & feel will help you with this.

Hi I'm Vanja Gautier,

Nice to meet you!

I’m a Dutchie based in Cape Town, South Africa. I’ve been working as a graphic & web designer for the last 10 years.

Since completing my studies in graphic design I have worked with many different clients, mostly small businesses and start-ups. I focus on finding what makes your brand authentic and making this visual to your customers.


Are you looking for a designer to find the unique look

& feel for your brand? I look forward to working with you!


" It was delightful to work with Vanja.

" She is a one-stop shop for all the creative needs of a business. She designed and developed my website.

Her professionalism, patience and service were incredible. She really got me and what I was looking for. Her eye for pictures, design, themes and colors makes it all come together in an authentic, polished and cohesive way.

THANK YOU, Vanja. "

Claudia Brandt


" Since a few years, I have a very nice and fruitful cooperation with Vanja, 

she has been a great help designing my website, flyers and adds.

"Besides she was, and is, always easy to contact for assistance.

I highly recommend her services, thanks a lot, Vanja!

Anja Vreeburg

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